3.お城まつり英語ガイド (日英対訳)

general outline of the Castle Festival


The castle festival is the biggest annual event to be held every spring season in Marugame City, a castle town, and is one of the hometown creating project that wishes the development and prosperity of the city.


Many kinds of events are held inside and outside of Marugame Castle which is the symbol of the city, and especially in front of the Main Gate area in the period of two days of holidays season in May.

This year is counted on the 70th time of the Festival, and it is the 421st anniversary of the Castle construction.


During the festival period, Horibata broad street is shut out of any cars for enjoying events.



At each event site, various parades and entertainment shows at the stage, traditional folk arts and special exhibits are spreading. A lot of people including many citizens and homecoming guests, and from neighborhood cities and towns, and from abroad in these days, will get together there.

There are also big events in the evening, lots of dancers groups usually participate from inside and outside of the city: they are free style modern dancing at first night and grand traditional Marugame dancing at second night.


main street along side of the Castle Moat and the special stage on it


This broad street is used as a main event site for the Castle Festival, and many gorgeous events are held here.


On the first day, 3rd of May, a big kids parade and band marching will be held, and also Daimyo's procession and the Taiko-dai parade from each home town and firing demonstration by the Marugame Castle Hinawa Rifle squads and other events will be spread out very actively.

次の日5月4日には、この通りでは、その年の特別企画プログラムが展開されます。 今年はハローキティーをはじめサンリオキャラクターたちが登場します。

The next day, 4th of May, special project program for every year is spreaded out. For this year, Sanrio-charactors group including Hello-Kitty is going to appear.


On this main street along side of the Castle Moat, in front of the public square with lawn field, a special large stage and special seats on it are set up to watch parades and dances on the street, inviting special guests from inside and outside of the City, including the guests from Sister Cities, in order to introduce the festival events for them.

And at this stage, at the time when events such as parade, dance parades and competitions are not held, such as variety of musical teams concerts, popular young singers and entertainers' talk shows, live concerts and Sanrio-charactors stage shows are joyfully held.


events at the public square with lawn field


In and around of this public square with lawn field, numerous street performers groups and other dancing groups show their performances and music playing and dancing.


And also, in this square, large-scale exhibitions of Marugame castle town self-praise products are held at a lot of opening tent shops for the Castle Festival, gathering local famous products from Exchanged Associating cities and locally known Marugame gourmet.


Around this square, popular young boys groups gather from various places in Kagawa, Ehime, Okayama, Osaka, and show off their own brilliant performances.


As a part of stone wall on the Castle broke down last year, the PR corner is going to be held this year, and chocolate pilling game also be held for hope of early rebuilding.


Sanrio-caffe-wagon will be set in this area.


The 44th Marugame Oshiro-mura Castle-Village Events

During the Castle Festival, also inside the castle, lawn open space at the north side of Castle Musium is annually designated as the Marugame Oshiro-mura Castle-Village and various volunteerors group activities' events are operated.

行事の主要なものは、ステージではジャズフェスティバルやマジックショーやキッズゲームなどがあり、城内にはお化け屋敷や巨大迷路などが設置されます。また、処々にフリーマーケットの店やリサイクルショップもたくさん出ます。The major events are jazz festivals, magic shows and kids games at the stage, ghost thrilling houses and huge mazing labyrinths are set up inside the castle area. Also, a lot of flea market shops and recycling shops will appear here and there inside the Castle area.



In addition to the main event sites just as explained before, some kind of sponsorship events at other facilities are also held as following:

For example, at Manabi Land (Lifelong Learning Center), there are many exhibitions of Calligraphy, Painting, Photography, Ceramics, and Flower arrangement. Also Kids' Shogi Tournament will be opened.


At the Himawari Center, you can enjoy a Matcha tea ceremony.


Reuse selling books will be held at Marugame City Library, too.